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Choosing the right boat can take many days and research.  After doing a long research on boats, you will have thousands of options to choose from. For that reason, we want to give you some tips to think about when choosing your boat. Before getting the right boat, you need to know what outdoors activities you are interested in.

Do you like freshwater fishing?

If you like freshwater fishing, we recommend the following boats:

Bass boats

Bass boats are specially designed for two or three anglers. These boats are sleek and low to the water with the ability to reach shallow waters. They are powered to reach far-off hot spots in a hurry and might come with GPS and sonar equipment. In addition, these boats have plenty of style and are designed with bright colors, metal-flake paint and showy graphics. Bass boats are perfect platform to catch prized bass.


Aluminum fishing boats

This is a smart buy for the would-be boater who wants the most versatility for the fewest dollars, aluminum fishing boats shine in relatively protected water. They usually have bench seats and are powered by outboard motors. These boats are very easy to carry. Hunters love aluminum fishing  boats too!



Pontoons are the new ultimate party boats. These boats is designed for big groups of people. The maximum capacity of people is 25  depending on the boat’s size. As pontoon boat size and sophistication has increased, so have power options, which now include large and/or multiple outboard engines or sterndrive power plants. Pontoons are ideal for taking family and friends out for a cruise or some casual fishing.


Or you prefer saltwater fishing?

If you prefer saltwater fishing, these are the boats you should look for:

Bay boats

Bay boats are good for freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. These boats are economical, some can run well with smaller outboards than a center-console offshore boat would require, but many bay boats in the 23- to 25-foot class are now made to let boaters venture offshore on calmer day. Bay boats are highly specialized fishing boats designed for floating or running in water as shallow as two feet for smoothie rides.


Center Consoles

Center console boat are elegant fishing machines built for rough offshore waters, both saltwater and fresh. These boats feature open, very fishable designs, including massive insulated fish lockers. The size of center consoles changes from agile 15-footers with a single 60-horsepower outboard engine to 42-footers with three or four massive 350-horsepower outboards, with the purpose of catching the best fish!184-cc_img157699_700

Or maybe you just like performance and fun at the same time. Which it means that you are looking for a personal watercraft.

Personal Watercraft

Personal watercrafts are simple and fun to operate, gentle on the budget, easy to transport and store. They are regular visitors to pond, river, lake and ocean. Watercrafts are design with a quiet inboard engine that provide thrust for both propulsion and steering. With an affordable entry price, personal watercrafts are popular with boaters seeking thrills, adventure and fun.


Visit our boat inventory that will help you decide the perfect boat for you. Do not forget to take into account what boat characteristics you would like and what is your lifestyle.

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It’s Mudding Time! Are You Ready?


Well, you may be asking yourself about this season. We can tell you this is a very exciting season to ride your ATV. This is the time to have fun on the tracks and trails with your off-road vehicle. Yes, we do know there are not mountains in Florida where you can ride your ATV, but it doesn’t mean you can’t ride on flat and muddy terrains here in the South!

Hey! Are you doing something exciting this weekend? Go invite your friends to get a little muddy with your ATV. There are many places in North Central Florida that will make your adventure a very unforgettable one. Try different forest parks or recreation places with no entrance fee and get ready to cover yourself in mud.

Time flies when you’re having fun specially with the right ATV and people. Get your ATV ready for this season now


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Best Times for Freshwater Fishing in North Central Florida


Fishing is an excellent and exciting outdoor activity. It’s very important to know when are the best times for freshwater fishing in North Central Florida. Every month has its peak fishing time on different species depending on the temperature, weather, levels of water etc. Before you go fishing, find out what kind of freshwater fishes you are very likely to catch from January to April.


This is a cold month. Yes, it is cold even in Florida, but it does not mean that you can’t go fishing. There are four freshwater fish species that are excellent fishing on January.


  • Specks * (Perfect fishing)
  • Stripers
  • Sunshines
  • Catfish


This month is characterized by gradually increasing daily high temperature. Although February is still a winter month, it is an excellent month for fishing different freshwater species.  Fishing in February will give you the chances to get catch more species than January.

  • Stripers * (Perfect fishing)
  • Specks *
  • Sunshines
  • Bass
  • Catfish



March is month even better for freshwater fishing. When low temperature starts rising, it increases the chances to catch more and more freshwater fishes. In March, there are about six or more fish species very likely to capture.

  • Bass * (Perfect fishing)
  • Bluegill
  • Redear
  • Specks
  • Tilapia
  • Sunshines
  • Catfish



April is a beautiful month for fishing. If you are looking for the best time of year to go fishing, April will not deceive you. This is a popular month not only for the variety of freshwater fish species, but the amount of fishes crowding the water. There are more than seven species excellent for fishing.

  • Bluegill * (Perfect fishing)
  • Redear *
  • Bass *
  • Catfish
  • Specks
  • Sunshines
  • Stripers


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Plant City Bike Fest

On Saturday,  February 4th ,  Plant City Bike Fest celebrates its 15th year in the beautiful downtown of Plant City. Some of the event features include a bike show & competition, live music, food & crafting vendors, restaurants, shops and other activities. For those motorcycle enthusiasts that want to spend an amazing time, get ready to have fun and live unforgettable memories at the Plant City Bike Fest. Bike show registration is from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  With such categories as:  Custom, Metric, Harley, Vintage (pre ’90), Anything Goes, Trike, Stock and Bagger. There is a $10 entry per class, first and second place are awarded.  All paid entries compete in the Best of Show and People’s Choice Trophies! Do not miss this wonderful event. For more information visit www.plantcity.org.



You just got a fishing boat and want to go fishing with no experience before?  We created this short list of basic but important tips for you to make your favorite outdoor activity more productive and fun.  We know how entertaining is to go fishing and you do not have to be a talented fisherman to follow these tips and enjoy. Check this out:

1. Stow Snaps And Swivels

Little snaps and swivels are easy to lose in the tackle bag. Keep those tiny pieces of terminal tackle put them all onto a large snap, and then attach that snap to a lanyard worn around your neck. It will keep the snaps and swivels safe and reachable.


2. Mark Up Your Soft Baits

Make realistic baitfish patterns to your soft-plastic baits with indelible markers,. Over time, the colors will give  a unique fish attracting appearance make it easier to catch fish.



3. Clip Your Trebles

In order to keep the plugs swimming right, but having easy unhooking  benefits of single hooks, you have to clip off the points on two of the tines.


4.Save your baits from short-biters

Sometimes small fish use their small mouth to tear of your baits from the hook. To stop those short-biting fish from stealing your bait, you have to use an Aberdeen hook with a long shank and a small gap, and then put the bait on the hook so that very little hangs off the end.


5.  Stop it

If you’re fishing a topwater lure and the stripers keep blowing up on the plug or tail-slapping it without hitting it, try stopping it cold and counting to five.